3 Mindset Tools to Make More Money and Improve Your Life

One of the greatest things about choosing a career in sales is the clarity it brings to performance. In a highly visible team, it’s easy to see who the winners and losers are. That’s one of the main reasons why sales isn't for everyone.

Sales operate off of a pretty obvious scorecard. Did you make the sale, or did you fail? That’s it. Sales is as caveman as it gets. You either club the woolly mammoth and feast, or you go hungry in your cave. 

The modern version of this is six-figure plus earnings and a crushed quota or living off your base. You get out what you put in.

As the old saying goes, your actions speak louder than words. In sales, those actions are the tell-all of success—making the extra call or cutting out early on a Friday, sticking to your schedule or scrolling through social media for an hour. These are the actions that will either lead you to the promised land or out to look for the next lousy job.

Remember, discipline will set you free… especially when you dial into results-driving activity. So, let’s take a moment to go over three things you can do now to help you get more out of your sales career. These two exercises and one mindset change will let you make your job more financially rewarding and fulfilling by aligning actions with desires. 

#1: The Dreamboard

This exercise is a simple one, but it will help tie your actions to your long-term goals in life. Take a standard issue 8.5x11-inch piece of paper. Draw one line down the middle horizontally, and one line down the middle vertically. You should have four equal boxes.

Next, title each box with the words, “WANT,” “DO,” “GIVE,” and “GROW.” Then, it’s time to fill in the boxes. 

What objects do you want? This could be anything from a new luxury car to a fancy cappuccino machine. Start with objects because most people associate nice things with success. 

What do you want to do and experience? Maybe it’s an African photo safari, a beach vacation, or a special sports event, like the Masters. 

How do you want to give back to your community? For some people that’s money; for others it’s time. This may be some of the most important work you do. 

Finally, how do you want to grow and improve yourself? How will you improve your skills and personal development? 

You can use words, draw pictures, or cut out images from magazines. If a regular-size sheet of paper isn’t big enough, get a poster board. 

Hang your dream board in a place where you can see it every day, like over your desk or mirror. Make copies to keep in your car or your sales binder. Snap a pic with your phone to take with you on the go. 

Ask yourself if you’re taking the action steps necessary to meet the desires on your board. If not, what can you do differently? You can even use this if you’re managing a sales team to help align tactics and strategies with long-term goals. 

#2: The Big Five

The Big Five exercise is similar to the Dreamboard. It’s quite simple: distill your five biggest life goals into five words and write each one on an index card in large letters. 

For example, if you want to run a marathon, you might just write “26.22,” the number of miles you have to put in to cross the finish line. Maybe you want an “MBA” or to retire in “Europe.” Use words that are meaningful to you. 

Keep your index cards with you, and review them constantly. Embed the words in your brain. Change your cards and add new ones as you hit your goals. Like the Dreamboard, the idea is accountability, matching desires with actions. 

#3: The Abundance Mindset

There are two types of people in this world. There are those jealous people who think one person’s success means one less seat at the success table. And then there are people who believe the success table is never-ending and can always fit more chairs.

The best people in sales believe the table is long and includes seats for everyone. They believe in abundance and shun scarcity. Scarcity means there’s a finite amount of wealth, leads, prospects and customers.

Most salespeople are familiar with a colleague who operates from a scarcity mindset. They hog all the leads, even if they can’t get to all of them. They see anyone else’s success as a bite out of their pie. 

But leads are infinite. The people you can call on are vast. There are more customers and opportunities than you can handle. So instead of focusing on protecting your territory or leads, focus on the abundance of opportunity, leads, relationships, and customers that exist.

This mindset creates an abundance of income, too. Win-win. Also, salespeople focused on providing value, sharing leads, being an advisor, being an educator, being helpful, and laying deep roots of relationships are way better off.

Every time the trap of scarcity and worry tempts you, say to yourself, “There’s more where that came from!”

Don’t hitch your wagon to one or two current customers. If you lose them to competition or timing or budget, say, “There’s more where that came from!” A salesperson living up to their standards confidently knows that their healthy pipeline will carry them through.

Making the Most of These Changes

As you use these tools to make your life and career both financially rewarding and fulfilling, you’ll have readjusted, and realign, so your actions are always in line with where you want to be. They are only effective if you use them for accountability, not pie-in-the-sky dreaming. 

If change isn’t coming the way you expect, drill down to why. Sure, life throws you curveballs, but make sure you’re not making excuses for not achieving what you set out to do. Never settle for less. Raise your standards.