Discipline The Key To Freedom And Sales Success

The following is adapted from Raise Your Standards.

One reason many people embrace a sales career is because of the freedom it promises: freedom to set their own hours or even to determine how much they earn each year. However, when you have total freedom, that means nobody is looking over your shoulder. It's up to you to determine how much you work and what that looks like. 

Without discipline, it's easy to slide into bad habits. You might think of discipline in a negative way, but it's actually a gateway to true freedom and sales success. Let’s look at why some salespeople push discipline off to the side and say it’s not for them, then examine what exactly they’re missing out on.

Why Don’t Sales Professionals Do the Hard Things That Make Sales Easy? 

The same qualities that make many sales professionals so good at their jobs can also cheat them of becoming truly outstanding in their careers. Most people in sales love to shmooze, and they each have their own “special sauce,” their magic formula for posting high numbers. 

They also love the freedom of sales, frequently working from home or on the road and determining their own work hours. They don’t want anyone messing with their mojo because they worry it will dampen their creativity and crush their game. 

Some people in sales even gravitated to it because it was a field where their short attention spans aren’t detrimental. When every day offers the variety of seeing new clients and taking on different challenges, they don’t have to demonstrate the high focus of someone who works day to day in an office or other traditional work setting. 

But one element many salespeople tend to look at skeptically is discipline. They believe that having discipline in their lives will somehow detract from their innate ability to be good at sales. They see it as the opposite of freedom. This is a mistake. 

What Does Discipline Bring to Sales?

Embracing discipline can elevate your sales to another level, no matter where you are at present. Discipline, contrary to popular belief, leads to freedom. It’s also the key to unlocking true sales success, the kind most people only dream about. 

Think about other areas of your life where you want to accomplish challenging goals. Does slacking off and taking a willy nilly approach get you there? Of course not!

Imagine trying to train for an Ironman competition and not harnessing discipline to help you. You eat whatever you like, skip out on workouts, and squeak by on five hours of sleep a night, going to bed whenever you feel like it. Getting past the first event would be a miracle, let alone crossing the finish line after more than 13 grueling hours of swimming, biking, and running (a full marathon!). 

If you want to be successful in just about any endeavor, you need to make discipline your friend. The benefits of discipline are myriad: 

  • Increases knowledge and skills
  • Gives you momentum
  • Encourages more sales calls
  • Produces better results

What happens when you start closing more calls? You earn more commission or get a promotion. You can take nicer and more frequent vacations and improve your long-term financial picture. It even has the domino effect of making your relationships better. 

The next time your first reaction to discipline is to say, “That’s not for me,” think again. Try being more disciplined for just 30 days about your schedule, your tidiness, your diet, your fitness, and all those other factors that influence your career directly or indirectly. 

Get up and go to bed when you say you will. Stick to your eating plan. Make your bed every morning without fail. If you say you’re going to make 10 calls a day, make those 10 calls. By the end of a month, you will likely see such a change that you’ll never go back to your undisciplined ways again. 

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Mark Evans might be the most enthusiastic person you’ll ever meet. His love of sales, life, and the game of business is infectious. He believes that at its very core, sales doesn’t have to be manipulative or sleazy. In fact, Mark believes it’s the greatest job in the world. He’s helped companies and individuals reach the seven-figure sales mark and beyond. At markpatrickevans.com, Mark writes about the new way of selling, and sales leadership.