How To Sell Anything...Sales Tips From My 6-Year-Old Daughter

Sometimes inspiration can come from anywhere.

Such is the case for me when it comes to personal and professional development. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters ages 6 and 4. Nina our oldest has been a joy since she was born (our youngest daughter Mae is great to...of course!). 

She’s got a lot of personality and at times I find myself in an intense negotiation with her over anything from the outfit she wants to wear at school to dinner options for the evening. While I don’t love her negotiation tactics, she can get results. Let me make it clear that she always knows who is really the boss, Mom of course!

Here’s what getting my ass handed to me in negotiation with my daughter has taught me about sales:

Commit...I’m fascinated by my daughter’s ability to do battle for not getting the flavor of juice box she wanted. Find your hill to die on and hold that hill! Are you giving up to easily? When was the last time you fought passionately for something?

Persistence...How many times are you asking for what you really want? My daughter can ask over and over for a _____(insert pony, cookie, trip to Disney World, etc…) 20 times in a row and the word “no” doesn’t even stop her. Does “no” stop you, or do you keep asking? Most sales are made after the eighth try. How many times have you given up before eight?

Connect with your audience...both of my daughters know that if they’re sweet enough and if they give me enough hugs they’ll most likely get that damn pony! The same can be translated into business….I am not advocating for hugging your clients. However, I am saying that you should take them to lunch, or happy hours, or sports games, or pheasant hunting trips, etc. Find out whatever your prospect likes to do with their time outside of the office and start doing it with them.

Take a page out of the Nina handbook and remember to commit, be persistent and go for a real connection to improve your sales performance. 

Now on an unrelated note, does anyone know where I can buy a pony?