The Old Way of Selling is Dead

The following is an excerpt from Raise Your Standards: The Definitive Guide to Building Seven-Figure Sales, Chapter 3: The New Standards of Sale

The old way of selling is dead. 

It died with the annoying and impersonal cold call. The rotary phone and the pushy salesperson, no thanks. It died when salespeople across the nation thought that they could manipulate and pressure prospects into buying. It slipped away when the emphasis was on corny techniques, instead of delivering value. It died when salespeople thought that email, text messaging, Facebook profiles, LinkedIn accounts, or Instagram were just fads. It passed quietly in the night when salespeople decided to use mind-numbing sales jargon instead of talking like real people.

These “salespeople” that adhere to the old way of selling deserve to be replaced. You’ve probably experienced one form of the “old way of selling” before. For me, recently, it was when I went to purchase a new vehicle. The salesperson smelled blood in the water and used every trick and tactic in the book to make sure that I took the car home TODAY! This person tried micro commitments, boxing me in a corner, standing in my way as I decided to leave, and more. I was frustrated and frankly irritated by the hyper-aggressive approach, as most buyers would be. Make no mistake these “salespeople” will be replaced. But, leaders, sales teams, and companies who understand this change will be rewarded. The sales revolution is happening and it’s happening quicker than anyone realized. 

Listen, people hate to be sold. It’s a universal rule that (even if you’re in sales) chances are you hate being sold. Even if you’re good at sales (and since you’re reading this book, you’re most likely better than average) you still hate to be sold.

That’s because crappy salespeople have given you and me a bad rap. Cheesy smiles, buzzwords and pushy tactics leave a bad taste in our mouths.

So if everyone hates to be sold, why do salespeople still choose tricks instead of being authentic and personal? It baffles me when salespeople choose kitschy closing techniques instead of delivering a solution to someone’s problem.

Enter… the new standards of sales, developed because I saw too many good people get into sales without any clue of how to have success in the game. I am grateful because I’ve had mentors who taught me the ropes, but I realize many people have bad mentors, received bad advice or were left to figure it out on their own. 

I’ll share the Standards with you, but you have to promise me one thing. You’re here because you actually want to raise your standards. You’re tired of the status quo and want more from life and your career. If so, we’re good. If not, don’t waste your time or mine.  Here is the structure:

Standard 1: Mindset - Ten beliefs crucial to the foundation for success.

Standard 2: Prep Work - Framework and preparation that makes selling easy. 

Standard 3: Selling - The Playbook, Sales Method and People Types that are the engine of Seven Figure Sales

Standard 4: Follow-Up - Creative, consistent and planned follow-up - the ultimate differentiator. 

One more thing before we dive in. These Standards only work if you do. If you were expecting a get-rich-quick formula, I ask that you stop right here. This book is more than theory or techniques to memorize for the test, only to forget the lesson hours later. You need to put these thoughts into action every single day. Some days will be easier than others, but I guarantee they’ll only work if you actually do the work. So DO the work.