The Power of Little Goals

My wife would say I'm guilty to a fault of having way to lofty goals at times.  I admit it, I get a little carried away and often these goals turn into dreams that get inflated, and get toooo big!  These goals serve an important purpose for me but today I'm talking about something a little more manageable.

I'm talking about "little" goals.  Forget about owning Necker Island, a Bugattia and prive jet for just a few short minutes.  Today we're sharing a story about a little goal that has made a big difference in my life.

Sometime right after college, in a casual conversation my wife mentioned she'd feel like we really made it when we could afford to dry clean whatever we wanted instead of worry about ironing (I often wear a shirt and tie for work and subsequently go through lots of dress shirts and things that need to be pressed).

Well my friends, dry cleaning became a little goal of ours.  And, not long after buying our first home and getting settled in our jobs, this was an easy goal to check off our list.  It made us feel important years ago and although it may seem silly and small, we are more than happy to spend the money.  It saves ut time and in our life, time is money.

Don't lose sight of your big goals per year, but don't forget that success is the little things.  It's in the details.  Use these little goals as a trail of crumbs to get you to your big goals.  Don't lose sight of these small goals as you conquer the world.

What "little" goals do you currently have?  What "little" goals have you already accomplished and how did it make you more successful?