Wrestling with Pigs and How to Deal with Negative People

I had a former boss that was fond of the below statement...

Don’t wrestle with a pig because in the end you both get muddy and the pig likes it.

Eloquent no, insightful yes. We all have been in situations where our conversation spirals out of control and tact walks out the door. Avoid this situation before it erupts.

First, avoid these people. In my line of career, I’ve been able to identify some common traits. Do the same in your line of work and life.

Second, choose to disassociate yourself from those who like a good tussle and don’t care with whom they tussle with. These people would probably find something wrong with Mother Theresa if you give them the chance, so don’t.

Choose better, and choose a life filled with the positive. It’s not worth wrestling with pigs.

Focus on your success.

Mark Evans